Attending Friday prayer or any other daily congregational prayers guidelines.

Assalaam Alaykum Wa Rahmatou Allah Wa Barkatohou,

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I hope this message finds you in the best of Eman, health and spirits.

 As Mosques in Hampton Roads are trying to open up for Jumu'ah, the Islamic Center in Norfolk is open for   Jumu'ah prayer this Friday InshaAllah.

To attend the Friday prayer or any other daily congregational prayers, you MUST follow these guidelines:

1.      Masks are required. No one will be allowed inside without a mask. No exceptions will be made. You need to wear your mask at all time.

2.      Everyone must bring a prayer rug. This is essential as we cannot sterilize the carpets between prayers.

3.      Sanitize your hands at the entrance before entering the prayer area.

4.      Make Wudu at home. Bathroom access will be restricted.

5.      Maintain Social distance in the prayer area during prayer, Follow the marks on the carpet.  

6.      Health screening will be in effect at the Mosque entrance by the security personnel and if you have a fever, or symptoms of Covid-19 you will not be allowed inside.

7.      We also strongly urge those at high risk (elderly, medical conditions) to pray at home.  HRCI will continue to broadcast the khutbah and the prayer on its Facebook page.

At this stage children are not allowed at the Center. Our maximum capacity in the three prayers area is 60 individuals. If we see that we have high attendance, we will schedule two Jumu'ahs to accommodate our community. For now, we will only be conducting one Jumuaa prayer at 1:00, InshaAllah.

Few other reminders:

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Please keep making Dou’aa to Allah to lift this pandemic. Be patient and follow the guidelines.




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